The Hunt for the Eastern White Pine

Pine Point Regional Park


The Eastern White Pine is one of the largest conifers of the northeastern forests. Once reaching heights of over 150′, they now average around 100′ on the tall side (after loggers cut them all down). They mainly range from Eastern Minnesota all the way to the Canadian border of the Atlantic (they are common in the Northeastern part of the United States). They have 5 needles per bunch which makes them distinguishable from other pine trees.

I stumbled upon this beast camping in the Pine Point Regional Park near the Eastern Border of Minnesota. It is by no means a champion tree, but is one of the largest of it’s species that I have ever seen.

Eastern White Pine


Circumference: 120in / 10ft

Height: 1,038in / 86.5ft

Crown spread: 563in / 46.92ft


Points on the National Big Tree Registry: 218.23

Eastern White Pine Rank: 218.23/390 (largest ever recorded): 56/100

Hunter’s Overall Rank: 70/100

Comment on the biggest Eastern White Pines you’ve ever found!